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As the country dial-code of the Czech Republic is 420 and the rate of cannabis use there is one of the highest in the world, some foreign visitors think that cannabis is legal in this Central European country.However, smoking cannabis outdoors will be fined and having more than 10 grams of marijuana is considered a crime.

A man likes to fondle fellow residents in his Minnesota dementia-care unit; nobody assesses whether the women invite or welcome the touch or are being assaulted.

As if moving aging parents into a long-term care facility wasn't painful enough, now comes this uncomfortable twist: getting calls about their sex lives there.

(Remember when roles were reversed when it came to fretting about sex drives?

"More facilities are becoming enlightened to the fact that this is something people are thinking about, and maybe they should find ways to help people become comfortable." Indeed, attraction, hugging, flirting, fondling and, yes, sexual relations know no expiration dates.

"This is a time of life where many people return to a certain romance of what they were like in their 20s.