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The series' 23 volumes were first published under the Hana to Yume Comics.Mizuki Ashiya travels to Japan and enrolls in an all-boys boarding school, Osaka High, to see her idol, Izumi Sano, high jump.If you're interested in either commisioned work or buying some of her prints, all you have to do is shoot her a message.Hawaii Children's Cancer Foundation Mental Health of America, Hawaii Maui Keiki Polo Program Hawaii Autism Foundation Women Speaking Out Association of the United States Army Army League, Honolulu Council Therapeutic Horsemanship of Hawaii Makaha "Fierce" Team - Hawaii Interscholastic Women's Polo Team Hawaiian Islands Polo Association Photography by CJ De Wolf and Muse Agenci © Dawson Hawaii 2013 All Rights Reserved.Hana sells these peices and other products on her Red Bubble page, where she talks about her positive affirmations in a journal entry: "It started with me making some artwork in support of #IBelieve Survivors and seeing the positive impact it had on people inspired me to make more art with a positive message.…There is something immensely healing about art.

The art work was displayed in a pop up art gallery between Gould and Victoria streets on the Ryerson Campus (Sexual Assault: The Roadshow) from Nov. The Road show exhibit consisted of annoymous posters which prioritized the voices of survivors. She began holding them in September after the Office of Sexual Violence, Support and Education at Ryerson, brought her on as the artist on residence.

"I want to do huge stuff on massive canvases," she said, "It sounds silly, but i've always wanted to just create something massive and immensely detailed.

Something I could pour myself into completely." Keep following your local artist on her instagram (frizzkidart) and check out her Red Bubble page to see what she's doing and stay up to date with her awesome artwork!

Feminist themes are both important and apparent in Hana's work.

"It comes naturally to me," she said, "It's important for me to include those themes, because feminism is just such an instrinsic part of my life.