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Hitchhiking in Iran is unbelievably easy and I hitched over 2000km whilst backpacking Iran.

In the past, the thumbs up was seen as an obscene gesture in Iran however as more and more Iranians watch western movies people now understand that it’s a common ‘European thing’ …

The roads in Iran are top notch and long-distance transport is pretty comfortable.Iran is a popular stop with overlanding backpackers travelling from Europe onwards to Pakistan or Afghanistan.An Iranian friend of mine lent me their car for a couple of weeks and I drove from Tehran up to Shomal and then across the top of Iran to Tabriz and into the mountains. By metro: Tehran’s famous subway is a great way to get around on the cheap and is especially helpful during the truly hectic rush hour.Actually, after Venezuela and Pakistan, Iran might be the best budget backpacking option in the world right now. Backpacking across Iran is getting easier and easier.With visas on arrival now available for most countries, Iran is fast opening up to foreign travelers.