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The HRW piece acknowledges the need to prevent sexual abuse but questions whether the AWA's reach and stringency help or hinder the quest for justice.The AWA contains sweeping and detailed provisions, including those targeting juvenile sex offenders, and places conditions and restrictions stricter or more costly than what states might want or can afford to enact—such as expensive GPS monitoring systems. has the most punitive and wide-ranging set of laws for sex offenders, and South Korea is the only other country that has community notification laws.

The amendment created the Community Notification System, which requires all convicted sex offenders to register whenever they move and on a periodic basis.But the figure of the gay man in particular as a sexual predator still haunts culture and continues to re-emerge.In 1955, Boise, Idaho, erupted in a sex scandal where nearly 1,500 men were questioned about allegedly having coerced underage young men into sexual acts.In June 2012 in Washington state, a man named Patrick Drum shot and killed two convicted sex offenders; the first was his roommate.When police tracked him down, he admitted that he had planned to kill sex offenders until he was caught.