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Similarly, Tanabe (13) mapped the distribution of Turonian ammonites along an onshore–offshore transect, and noted that their postmortem distribution was broader than the settings they inhabited during life.

Uncertainty in ammonites’ preferred habitat is especially concerning for temperature reconstructions based on their occurrence or isotopes because temperature varies both with depth and with distance to the shoreline.

Oxygen isotope-based temperature estimates from the baculites and scaphites overlap with those of the benthos and are distinct from those of the plankton.These proportions are representative of a living community (19) and not of an egg-laying habitat transiently occupied by females (20).Predation indicators, such as healed injuries, are present on 5% of scaphite specimens (Fig.Based on sedimentary evidence and the micro- and macrofauna at this site, we infer that the 9-m-thick sequence was deposited at a paleodepth of 70–150 m.Taxa present throughout the sequence include a diverse assemblage of ammonites, bivalves, and gastropods, abundant benthic foraminifera, and rare planktonic foraminifera.