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She will get a detailed history of your past pregnancies and your family history.

Depending on that a few tests will be requested to make sure everything is running fine in your body and is safe for your baby.

It may take time, but usually the problem goes away and it is easily solved.

Very few cases will actually persist if diagnosis hasn’t been found or treatment has not been administered correctly.

You can also ask any doubts or questions for diet & exercise especially for healthy weight gain for your BMI (Body Mass Index) per week.

Top reasons to miss a Period in India: Pregnancy or PCOD.

However, it could also be an adverse effect of one or more of the pills you might have taken, like an Ipill or Unwanted 72, which are popular emergency contraceptives.

Women with painful menstruation (periods) are said to suffer from Dysmenorrhea.

This is a condition requiring a Gynaecologist’s opinion.