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When she entered the room she acted surprised but not overly so. " All I could do was answer a muted "mmmpph" as she stood staring down at me.

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Very occasionally, we would both be tied up, one tying the other and then getting into a self-bondage situation. One Saturday, Sheila had arranged to go to see a movie with friends (I'm not a movie fan) and my boyfriend had had to go home, so I was looking forward to a fairly boring day. I made sure the door was locked and my emergency escape knife was close to where my hand would be. Preparation involved tying three cinch "noose" loops to the two bottom bed posts and one of the head posts.We had discovered that we both had an interest in bondage games, stemming from the usual childhood games.During the week our lectures and practical sessions clashed heavily and there was no time when we were both free.Having her in my clutches I walked down to the foot of the bed. I slowly pulled of each sock, brushing away some lint iner the toes on her left foot, her toes instintively curled. Her eyes watered heavily and she strained to push her laughter through the gag. The next day I went out and bought a camcorder, I had to start taping this stuff.I climbed on top of her and kissed her in various places. This story took place about 12 years ago when I was in college studying for my BSc in chemistry.