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I work in public health at Mercy Hospital for Women in Melbourne and at a local private practice called Marshall Street Practice specialising in conditions related to musculoskeletal disorders of pregnancy, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and lactation related problems (such as mastitis).

I have been working as a physiotherapist for over five years and enjoy the satisfaction of being able to empower individuals to help to manage their own health via exercise and lifestyle changes.

I met my English husband whilst we were both living in London, and fortunately for me he was willing to move to Australia when we got engaged.

I only had a few concerns he would have trouble adapting, but once we bought a home close to the beach, found a beautiful puppy dog and he realised he could play tennis nearly every day of the year outdoors, the transition was complete.

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If Glass can be used to support new mums in remote or rural areas in the future, then I’ll be honoured to have been included in the early stage of the trial. My name is Lauren Clarke and I am a first time mum due on February 24th 2014.

Hospital stays are focused on the baby’s delivery and are considerably shorter, with new mothers usually home within two days of giving birth.

This project aims to develop a program in collaboration with the Australian Breastfeeding Association on breastfeeding basics and tutorials using the latest wearable technology from Google.

I know how important breastfeeding is to my baby, and I want to give him/her the best start I possibly can.

The slightly selfish reason for taking part is my passion for new technology and seeing how it can be used in innovative ways.