Sexe women camera

He was a frequent guest on The Howard Stern Show, going along with Stern’s questions about which women he’d want to have sex with.

The fact that Trump was virulently sexist used to be widely recognized. It’s been evident for a long time that Trump doesn’t respect women, and it shouldn’t have taken his vulgar "grab 'em by the pussy" comment to make that clear.

He’s been accused of sexual assault, and he has reportedly kissed women on the lips without their consent: Then there are the dozens of one-off comments Trump has made about women’s physical appearance, on Twitter and in person.

"It’s a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees," he told a former Playboy playmate who had dramatically begged to stay on Celebrity Apprentice.

Trump’s anti-feminism owes more to the gleeful vulgarity and implicit threats of violence of 4chan than the traditional debate over what a woman’s role should be in the public square.

Such an ugly version of sexism hasn’t been displayed openly during a campaign in a long time.

And even before the leaked tape, it wasn’t a secret or a surprise.

Trump is incapable of separating a woman’s value from her physical appearance.

He assumes that his intimate commentary on women’s bodies is always welcome, no matter who might be listening — as the leaked audio, in which Trump is having a conversation with an acquaintance in a professional setting, demonstrates.