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The next day, Jason spends some private time with Shadia, who reveals her own intentions to travel the world, and is leaving shortly after the trip.

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Returning to Daytona, the duo reunite with Shadia and Lenore at a beach party hosted by Pam.

A heartbroken Shadia tells Jason to never talk to her again, and Jason is soon arrested again, for carrying drugs.

Dick bails Jason out again, but a furious Jason demands that Dick stay away from him, driving back to Georgia alone.

Jason is shocked that his grandfather would flirt with women immediately after his wife's funeral, but Dick proclaims it is okay because he was never unfaithful to his wife during forty years of marriage, claiming he has not had sex for fifteen years because of his wife's cancer and that she insisted he "get back out there".

Hearing Dick's plea, Jason reluctantly agrees to go to Daytona.