Sikhism and dating

Despite formidable barriers in the form of the mighty Himalayas and oceans, India also received a succession of foreigners, many of them carrying swords and guns. Out of these waves of immigration has emerged the composite culture of India and made it a land of unity in diversity.

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This period of Mahajanapadas was featured with languages like Prakrit, which was the spoken language of northern India and Sanskrit, the educated speech. The country has been thought of as a nation of philosophers with a well-developed and even idyllic society.

Some remains of the extinct species of Homo Erectus dates back to the past 5, 00, 000 years though.

However, Indus Valley Civilization, spread in the north western side of the nation during the period of c.

Apart from that, the different rituals of Hinduism were conducted by the class of priests. Excavations of sites belonging to the Harappan era show that the people lived in brick houses in towns with excellent drainage.

One of the oldest scriptures in the world is the four volume Vedas that many regard as the repository of national thoughts that anticipated some of the modern scientific discoveries.