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[Hot Guys] -Souji Shirogane The attractive young president of the Shirogane Corporation. The terms of succeeding his father as president: getting married.His domineering personality is his flaw, but also charming.-Kurosaki Ryo The pushiest, fiercest, and hottest surgeon around.Yet it looks like he's got a soft spot for the main character...?For teens, rebellious, chaotic scenes such as parties and pranks are an addition.As a young adult and adult, the focus is on their relationships with others, from getting married to having children of their own.You can dress them as if they were real princesses about to go to the ball to meet her prince. Fairy dress up game for modern girls, live your dream of being a designer and fashion stylist.

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Just see if your heart doesn't skip a beat or two! We're not friends." "Where's my kiss to seal the deal? " Just how dangerous will being married to a celeb get?!

-Shinobu Arima Part-time celebrity, full-time nightclub manager.

The secret, yet favorite son of an important politician. A cool, refined personality only deepens the mysteries surrounding him.

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