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The hammer of Thor will be its logo, James proudly says.James says the American Vikings website will be “dedicated to creating entertaining and meaningful discussion about issues affecting patriotic, constitutional libertarian leaning, working class Americans.” Without mentioning his role as a founder of the Vinlanders Social Club in 2003, or previous ties with the Outlaw Hammerskins and Hoosier State Skinheads, James says his new “project was created by long-time former members of the American White Nationalist movement in the hopes that we can create a realistic and constructive dialog amongst several different types of patriots.” “We will give respect where it is due, and treat all people and topics the way they deserve to be treated,” says the man who previously has assaulted those with whom he has disagreed.In 2004, Trojan Records released a best of album that included a new single by Neysmith and Ellis, "Back From the Moon".In 2005, Neysmith and Ellis performed together at Club Ska in England, and a recording of the concert was released on Moon Ska Records as Symarip - Live at Club Ska.The album was released by Ariola Records and was produced by Stevie B.Pitter and Ellis eventually moved back to England, where Ellis continued performing as a solo artist, sometimes using the stage name Mr. Mike Thomas, who had moved to Switzerland and met a Finnish girl there, moved to Finland where he worked as a musician, doing the groundwork for the Finnish reggae culture through his band Mike T. Monty Neysmith moved to the United States, where he toured as a solo artist.“If you are reading this from a right or left perspective and you cannot handle that simply go somewhere else.’’ To stir interest in his new “patch-wearing organization,” James says he has a special deal for newcomers – men and women – who buy a T-shirt to support his new cause.

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They moved to Germany in 1971, performing reggae and Afro-rock in Germany under the name Zubaba.

He got his nickname from a distinctive character trait; "Skinhead" had very short, close-cropped hair.

Along with Match and 3-D, the adult Skinhead served as one of Biff's bodyguards at Biff Tannen's Pleasure Paradise Casino & Hotel in 1985A.

In April 2008, they headlined the Ska Splash Festival in Lincolnshire as Symarip, and later performed at the Endorse-It and Fordham Festivals.

Pitter and Thomas now perform in a different band as Symarip Pyramid.