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But that’s the problem with Facebook it stores evidence, unlike some of the other crap that came out of my mouth that evening there it was in the morning, in black and white. It was 6 in the morning and I’d just got in when I decided to send him another message; “x” it read. I send this simply because I am far too sloshed to think of anything more coherent and needed to eliminate the possibility for a second set of spelling errors. Well blow me down and call me Charlie this is exciting. “This is it” I think “Be sexy”, I grab my laptop and stumble through to the living room.

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Lisa Ann stated that this can lead to awkward situations, for example, when players are traded and several athletes she is in contact with are on the same team, a situation she makes the effort to avoid.

Due to her interest in sports and professional athletes along with her work as a sports reporter for the Sirius/XM network, Lisa Ann attends numerous games, which has led to interaction, sometimes publicly, with athletes.

In a February 2014 interview with GQ magazine sports writer Myles Brown, Lisa Ann stated "..dudes could be with Victoria's Secret models, that's how I look at athletes. I'm looking at 18, 19, 20-year-old guys." and continued, "They're at the beginning of their lives, so they're still excited, naive and simple.

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