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Treat yourself to a night out and meet lots of lovely ladies.

With events for all different age ranges, there may well be something suitable for you - or a friend of yours !

For them to see yours, they’ll also need to earn 50 likes.

That means 100 decent messages between the two of you. Or you can earn likes by unlocking ‘tastes’ (meaning information about each other’s lifestyle).

On Appetence the conversation in the chat matters most.

As you let the magic happen, the similarities you share will gradually be revealed.

Don’t be just a simple picture on another dating app.

True and long-lasting love isn’t found through images alone.

"I think people are now slightly tired of scrolling and swiping through dating apps and getting no lasting results, so they come to us to try something face-to-face." GRaqq Happy Friday everyone!

But hey, if you’re willing to risk that, and up for investing a lot of time and emotional energy in dating rather than thumb strain from speedy swipes, Appetence might be worth it.

It’s essentially an online dating app for people who hate how superficial and easy online dating has become.

The idea behind the app is to slow things down and make things a little less superficial, making everyone feel a bit more special in the process. Spending a bunch of time talking and investing in your chat partner, only to discover that you’re not physically attracted to them in the slightest.

Or, worse, chatting for ages, and then seeing them immediately unmatching after they see your photo.