Sophos update manager stopped updating

Back in the days of using XP as my OS, I used the free version of Zone Alarm as my firewall. I've decided to disable the Windows 10 firewall, and run Comodo for a few weeks.

Not that I've had an issue with the Windows 10 firewall; I'm running Comodo more to satisfy my curiosity and see if there are any features lacking compared to the Windows firewall.

for certain packages, at this stage Microsoft Security Essentials and Kaspersky Products, and if your query relates to one of these it would be best served in one of those threads.

Other threads regarding these topics will be removed and directed to this sticky.

Have a look around some of the freebie sites, there is a promo for a 12 month premium licence floating around. First attempt results in an immediate fail with no Internet.

The best place to get assistance (after giving more detailed info) would be the dedicated Kaspersky thread: /forum-replies.cfm? What are your thoughts on free Firewall software such as Comodo or Zone Alarm?

Better, worse or equal to the Windows 7/8/10 firewall?

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