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The tech giant Google also has thrown itself into the issue.

In February, the Mountain View, California, company announced a program called Google Fiber for Communities, which aims to bring internet connections on par with those in Chattanooga to one or more municipalities.

The mayor of Topeka, Kansas, for instance, temporarily changed the name of his city to Google, Kansas.

Chattanooga didn't participate in the hoopla because its plans for an upgrade were already under way at the time, said Littlefield, the city's mayor.

EPB, the city-owned power company offering the one-gig speeds, will charge about 0 per month for the ultra-fast service. I already have the 30-megabit [per second] service and it's lightning fast." He added: "I do believe there are doctors and engineers and people in the entertainment business and others that will need it and utilize it." The mayor's connection speed costs less than per month.I am married, but my husband is happy to encourage me to enjoy female friends.I have a one and a half year old little boy he's my world.The city says the move is an investment in the future."It's like any other leading technology, people will invent ways to use it," said Ron Littlefield, mayor of the city of 170,000. Nobody else has done a gig in this country, and that means we don't know exactly how much it will cost us to offer it." The faster broadband internet speeds mostly will appeal to business owners, although they are available to residents as well, De Priest said.