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Basically to put this very bluntly, watch this and try to support this series best you can.

At the moment the world of TV has become down to Westworld and GOT, and GOT is just a 1 hour drama with patches of BLood.

ASH Vs the Book of pure evil was also fun but short lived. Staring that epic dude from scrubs and a nice level of zombie animation it seems this series has the right recipe to continue on wards.

Its like Batman was just a prequel to make superman epic, then crash and burn sadly on the last 2 films thanks to Ben Afflick Or how harry potter was just a prequel to Swiss army man.

One critic wrote: ‘If you have enough money you can buy anything!!

’Another said: ‘Is this a new commercial venture by the Royal Family or do all little princesses now get an invite?

'I think its nauseating I can’t believe it.' Venting: Janer retorted: 'Don’t you have your O-Level in history? She can’t leave her crown jewels there as the tiara there because the Beckhams would have it on her (Harper's) head!

' We love it when Stacey Solomon is on the Loose Women panel.

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However, they admitted that the Beckhams’ decision to publish photos had not gone down well.‘It was very indiscreet for them to have posted pictures on a public forum of what was a private family event,’ they said.

We're loving this look on Stacey and are especially coveting these trews!

Gingham is the print of the season and this frilly pair of trousers are the perfect way to tap into the trend.

The journalist said: 'Don’t you think it's nauseating, is it appropriate for a six year old child?

What about all the other kids who could see that and be wanting to go?