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Although Venus orbits the Sun in 225 days, she spins very slowly on her axis.

One day on Venus is longer an entire YEAR on Earth!

Like meticulous Mercury, Venus also governs the ways we socialize and how we share our possessions.

But while Mercury never minds a debate, pleasant and peace-seeking Venus wants harmony.

This is the outward expression of Venus: our fashion sense, material urges (and splurges), aesthetic preferences, and how we romance the ones we adore.

Venus in Taurus people may prefer practical luxury, saving up for pricey, yet well made, items from classic brands.

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Venus in future-forward Aquarius may be more of an “Athena” archetype wooing with a keen, strategic and logical mind.Said another way, this is the aspect of Venus that rules our receptivity.What do we need in order to feel happy, fulfilled and loved?They may be slower, but steadier, in their seduction approach, preferring to let relationships build organically.Affection and physical touch will be important here.