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For more information about the hottest festivals of 2016, check out our comprehensive 2016 festival guide. Kenny Chesney 2016 Spread the Love Tour Dates: April 23 — Auburn, Ala. The superstar revealed 11 stadium dates in a press release on Oct. 27, and a full slate of dates in the weeks and months that followed. But seriously: There’s an element of surprise and adventure to biking that’s impressive to potential dates.“It shows that you have somewhat of a dangerous quality about you,” Satenstein continued.

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She’s a songwriter, a great singer and she loves music every bit as much as I do. @ Frontier Days ** July 30 — Mountain Home, Idaho @ Mountain Home Country Music Festival ** July 31 — Sixes, Ore. While girls in my Brooklyn neighborhood pedaled along atop their blue-and-red two-wheelers, the hems of their sundresses flapping in the wind, I was sidestepping the action altogether, feeling more carefree with both of my well-shod feet planted firmly on the ground.Of course, little did I know that these little bike depots across the city were quickly becoming dating hubs, or, rather, the wiliest of my coworkers (and, apparently, Leonardo Di Caprio) were using them as such. ” Fashion News Writer Liana Satenstein boldly declared one afternoon.Quirky, unlike any other woman that you will ever meet.She doesn't play games and she is more straight forward and honest than most women in your life.