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This type of exposure may be experienced as particularly sensitive and it thus may be difficult to gain information about it through a questionnaire.Persons exposed to a sex offence are asked about the sex and age of the perpetrator.The breakdown in respect of the relationship to the perpetrator in conjunction with sex offences has varied somewhat over the years since the survey began, and it is not possible to discern any clear trend in the results.One should be aware that just as is the case with threat and assault offences, there is reason to believe that incidents where persons have been exposed to sex offences by a closely-related person, or in the home, are particularly underrepresented in the survey.Exposure to sex offences is more common among persons living in major metropolitan regions (2.4%) as compared with those who live in other larger city (1.6%) or in small towns or in rural areas (0.9%).

Among men, the results also show higher levels of exposure in the younger age groups – but the levels are very low, and the variations are small when measured in percentage points (0.1–0.7%).

The level of sex offences remained relatively stable during the period 2005 – 2012, but after that there has been an increase.

Sex offences are a type of offence where repeated exposure is relatively common.

Almost six out of ten sex offences (59%) occurred in a public place, and approximately 14% occurred at a workplace or school.

Nearly one in five (18%) of the incidents occurred in residences and 9% in another location.