Taeyeon and tiffany dating each other

Tiffany had been told a lot that she wasn’t funny by the people around her.

Particularly, her last ex had told her that too, countless of times.

The girl was a little shy, and definitely scared, as she introduced herself as ‘Taeyeon’.

Tiffany remembered thinking it was a beautiful name for someone who looked just as beautiful with flawless fair skin and petite structure.

Taeyeon took her seat again and took care of everything for Tiffany, taking out the straw out of the wrapping, putting it in the drink before placing it in front of her. Taeyeon always seemed to put her first, even in the smallest ways, and as Tiffany felt the familiar flutters in her heart, she knew it had begun again. It had only 3 months since they’ve made it official and it was a little fast for her to admit it despite the extra 4 months of getting to know each other.

To top it off like the icing on a cake, she was absolutely terrified.

It was admittedly the biggest fight they’ve had in their 11Jealousy, Tiffany found, was an ugly thing. It made her patient, loving, Taeyeon very angry and extremely unreasonable.

) and refused to end it without writing something so I had this written on the last night of my leave LOL. Well, at least the previous ones didn’t let her know.

The girl relaxed almost immediately and reciprocated the hug with arms around her waist.

It had begun again and even though she felt fear that shook her heart, she couldn’t help but bury her face against Taeyeon’s neck and mumble that she loved her too.

Taeyeon was different and Tiffany started to reconsider believing a little in love, again.

She watched with a smile as the girl threw her head back in laughter.