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Delrish was told by a fellow officer that the girl's mother called 911 to report that the child had been recorded 'performing oral sex'.The mother also said the explicit footage was shared to Instagram.The two educators have since bonded out of jail and the case is now moving on to the District Attorney's office.For the first time in a year, Democrats have something to celebrate.He also told cops the names of the boys in the restroom, but said that only three of them were involved in the sex acts, according to the report.It is unclear whether any of the boys involved have been charged.But the mother told cops that there are three to four videos 'approximately' of the shocking incident.The girl was recorded on a boy's cellphone during the incident and Shane (above) confiscated the phone.

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She was unable to escape because another boy had blocked the door and demanded that 'you can't leave until you give us all' oral sex, the report states.

In the letter to her mother, the girl said she 'succumbed to peer pressure', and that she heard Kusmirek's voice while 'trying to get out of the stall'.

Two leaders at school in Louisiana were arrested and charged of failing to report a video showing an underage student performing sexual acts five months ago.

Nicole Kusmirek, 32, and Shayla Shane, 27, were booked and released by police in New Orleans Tuesday on counts of possessing of child pornography and failure to report child abuse as required in their roles as school employees, The Times-Picayune reported.