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Just think for a moment about the people you work with on a professional level who are also close, personal friends.

Aren't they always more forgiving when you slip up and more helpful when you're in need? I guarantee your work will become easier and more joyful if you make more of your business relationships personal. The same way you make genuine friends outside of work. Show them that besides being professional, you're also human.

Just because there are so many new opportunities — and hurdles — in the digital dating universe doesn’t mean that you should forget what it means to “properly invest in people.”And first and foremost, realize that dating is ultimately about investing in yourself.

And don't think for a moment that they'll think less of you for showing that kind of vulnerability. When I tell people about my humble beginnings and how it took me so long to overcome my insecurities of being poor and getting picked on by kids from more well-to-do families, people don't think less of me.

Being direct is sexy, and there’s no shame in asking someone on a date.

It’s a lot less sexy to be evasive and kind of bro-y as a defense mechanism. Get real with yourself about dating expectations ...

Ansari refers to the things most of us do on first dates (i.e.

drinks or dinner) as “boring-ass dates” in which we basically exchange resume information. Ansari’s research and personal experience led him to believe that it’s better to participate “in novel and exciting activities.” An example?