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Root certificates are updated on Windows automatically. The user does not see any security dialog boxes or warnings.

As per best practices it is signed using a certificate.If the certificate is not in the list, the Automatic Root Certificates Update component will contact the Microsoft Windows Update Web site to see if an update is available.If the CA has been added to the Microsoft list of trusted CAs, its certificate will automatically be added to the trusted certificate store on the [email protected] Shearer Like Kevin said, if they don't understand security, they shouldn't be sysadmins, and I find it to be a scary proposition to have an administrator of anything who thinks security is some black magic or [email protected] Shearer - since they don't understand, it's arguably moot as they won't know if what they already have is correct or not...In many small-medium sized businesses the 'admin' is The Automatic Root Certificates Update component is designed to automatically check the list of trusted authorities on the Microsoft Windows Update Web site.