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If you have an older, wired system, you may be missing out on some of the new interactive services, but most security providers can supply bridge equipment to update older systems.A modern security system can tie into smart-home devices like thermostats, locks, and lights, and do double-duty as a home-automation system and add convenience in addition to security.

If you’re looking for much cheaper monitoring without a contract, and you don’t mind paying more up front for the equipment, we like Simpli Safe.

It is easy to set up and doesn’t require a contract, and its monthly monitoring is half the price of Live Watch’s.

Unlike Live Watch, Simpli Safe doesn’t integrate with other home-automation or smart-home devices, and it doesn’t (yet) have video cameras.

I’ve tested and reviewed many smart-home systems, and have installed and programmed security and home-automation equipment ranging from simple DIY surveillance cameras to professional-level Control4 systems.

A monitored home security system is for people who want more peace of mind about the safety of their family and the security of their belongings, and need to know that someone will call emergency services should the need arise.