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]Across the complete site there are always 100s of visitors at all times.We've put together some handy videos to help you keep your ŠKODA in tip top condition.Air conditioning does a lot more than simply cool you down in summer.It also removes moisture from the air helping demist your windscreen in cold, wet weather hence improving driving visibility.

I was starting to find the maps on my RNS 510 were getting a bit out of date, after all I had never updated it since I purchased the car in 2009.Click here to find out how to update your Amundsen navigation system.Click here to find out how to update your Columbus navigation system.You can find out the specific hardware revision by a) taking the unit out of the dash and looking for the part number or b) using a secret hidden menu.I opted for the second option, I really didn’t want to have to pull the unit out.