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It works in conjunction with the MS DTC (Distributed transaction Coordinator).You need to install the the DTCProxy on the MS SQL Server side. Using XA may result in a considerable performance decrease.Together with Named Pipes connections you can use Windows NT authentication since Java version 1.1.7. Pool Driver The pooled driver is only part of OPTA and MERLIA.Together with TCP/IP connections, you can use it since Java version 1.4.2_03 and driver version 7.01. The following Data Sources are only available in OPTA and MERLIA This is an XAData Source.with Data Source the default is “false” to reduce deadlock problems If the value is true then the method set Transaction Isolation() will call set Auto Commit( false ) implicitly and start a transaction.default is “true”, creates always a transaction with set Auto Commit( false ); “false” only if needed With the option fulltran=true the method set Auto Commit() uses “BEGIN TRAN” and “COMMIT TRAN”.

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Use this protocol if using i-net MERLIA and JDBC 4.0 API compliance is required.This property make problems with expression that return multiple update counts.In this case you receive also only the last update count. The jar file is named like the driver (una.jar, sprinta.jar, or merlia.jar).You need to add this jar file to your classpath or extract the jar file in the directory of the application.