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(The use of a blowtorch helps in the countertops’ resiliency.) The beauty of this DIY method is that you have the opportunity to choose any colorway you want for your kitchen countertops, including subtle flecks or striations similar to those you find in real granite..

To achieve the look of natural stone slabs (which tend to appear more solid than granite but still aren’t completely solid), you can again paint the countertops using a variety of paints, clear glitter (not kidding! The change shown here isn’t vastly different in color, but it is pretty dramatic in the look of a high-end finish.

Some people are lucky enough to mince garlic atop custom countertops that match the style of their dreams; others may chop leafy greens on unsightly surfaces straight from the 80s (or worse).

Because of its economical benefits and long-lasting capacity, laminate or Formica is a popular countertop choice; unfortunately, after some time, laminate surfaces often fall into the less-than-ideal category.

Creating with my suggested methods, materials, and tools is under your own risk.I love how fresh this country kitchen looks after this makeover using simple white subway tile..So you have some formica laminate countertops, do you?I wasn’t trying to hard to make things perfect or protect anything except the floors or appliances.I got too close to the stove only once, and found that if I wiped it up quickly enough, a damp paper towel took care of it fairly well. I kept the windows open all night despite the dip in temperatures just so the fumes wouldn’t be hanging out in the house while I got ready for work the next day. This was taken at night just before I went to bed, so I’ll try later this week to give you a better “after” shot so you can see the color and finish a little better.