Updating mini cooper onboard navigation system

A workaround for another issue was suggested by Phil Floraday.

ast month, we ended our update with a mention of some engine stumbling and stalling, and unfortunately that proved to be not just a one-time incident. The dealership replaced the thermostat, which had a broken housing that was allowing the coolant to leak out and was causing the cold start issues. Word of fixes for some of the other issues we’ve had with the Countryman came from — where else? After we posted our last update on Facebook, a friend of associate web editor Donny Nordlicht, and an enthusiastic owner of an early-build Countryman, responded with encouraging news with regards to the peeling chrome trim issue and the persistent rattles.

So when a vehicle owner graduates to a ride with built-in factory navigation, they can be excused for expecting the same level of service with map updates as their humble little portables provided.

After all, if a navigation device company can provide free updates on a 0 unit, surely a carmaker can do the same on a K SUV.

If version is 9.x.x hex, but not 9.8.2 hex, then your system is NAVI03. E65, E66 NAVI01 (CD-drive): later version is 7.3.2 (not applicable here) E65, E66 NAVI02 (DVD-drive): latest version is 8.4.4 hex E65, E66 NAVI03 (DVD-drive): latest version is 9.8.2 hex Download the latest firmware V32 https:// that V32 is the latest released firmware from BMW.

There are many other versions V32.1 or V32.2 floating around on the net.