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Thus, a subscriber has reliable access to the network and may be reached with a call, while enjoying the freedom of mobility within the whole coverage area.

This is done to avoid unnecessary IMSI attachment procedures in case the mobile has been forced to switch off (by removing the battery, for example) without having a chance to notify the network with an IMSI detach and then switched on right after it has been turned off.

Considering the fact that the mobile is still associated with the Mobile Switching Center/Visitor Location Register (MSC/VLR) of the current location area, there is no need for any kind of IMSI attachment procedures to be done.

When a subscriber is paged in an attempt to deliver a call or SMS and the subscriber does not reply to that page then the subscriber is marked as absent in both the MSC/VLR and the Home Location Register (HLR) (Mobile not reachable flag MNRF is set).

The next time the mobile performs a location update, the HLR is updated and the mobile not reachable flag is cleared.