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The site’s radio option lets you generate Pandora-like radio stations based on a particular artist or genre.You can also combine up to three artists or genre tags to pinpoint your taste more exactly.I’ve also grouped the most popular ones at the top.Hopefully you can find something you’ll like among these. These are the most popular, most well-known services.Last.fm’s radio feature is free on the web or in their desktop app; if you want it on the go, you’ll need to pay.One of the only options here with absolutely no free option, Rhapsody still stands as a popular streaming music site due to its massive library.

I’ve tried somewhat organize these sites by their main method of streaming – radio, on-demand, or what have you.

However, the site’s audio quality tops out at 128kbps, making it a poor choice if you’re rocking any kind of quality headphones.

The site is also reportedly not as responsive or smooth as other options, making that forced /month account not so attractive.

” This is an often-used statement around here, and I’m usually the one saying it. Indeed, my insatiable appetite for discovering new music goes back to my days as a teenager, back when I was rocking a giant CD player shoved in my hoodie pocket.

Streaming music websites have revolutionized the way we acquire and listen to our tunes.