Updating old shower stall

Here is what the shower looked like BEFORE: Remember when I stenciled the shower door here and removed the door to the bathroom since it covered the shower door. We initially planned to just replace the door, but after talking to a real estate agent…we went a little further with the makeover.

So I headed to the the new Floor & Decor that recently opened in the Philadelphia area to find discounted tile that would make the shower feel like a spa.

Here’s a little video which shows the before and after, talks about the durability and how it’s holding up after a month of use and cleaning!

If your shower enclosure is an old door that hasn’t come really clean of all the calcium deposits in years or a shower curtain on a rod, get stylish. Doors are the easiest and least expensive answer to keeping the water in the shower, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t make a design statement.

I also had to find tile that would look good with the existing ceramic tile on the floor of the bathroom since that was staying.

We, and I say “we” since I did not DIY this makeover…we hired a contractor to do it for us.

Next you mix together the two cans of the Refinishing Kit. Make sure you are wearing a mask and have the fan on in the room.

I opened the window in our bathroom too, even though it was pouring rain. After the 1st coat I let it sit for an hour and then came back to paint the second coat. The next day I peeled of all the Frog Tape and I swear I heard angels singing!

The prep took me about 45 minutes but most of the was trying to get the 25 year caulking off.2.I know it seems crazy to add something like this to a home since we won’t get to enjoy it, but it will help the house sell quicker and for a better price.UPDATE: We sold our house in 10 days so doing the makeover paid off for us. They’ll show you all the things that you can do, help you plan your “new” bathroom and then they’ll install it all and give you the shower enclosure of your dreams. You want the beauty of glass but you don’t have the right space to accommodate and open shower door. Now you’ve got that modern, open look with clear glass or a beautiful textured glass shower enclosure that is also practical. The available textures and patterns of glass alone are amazing.