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In this case a low-DPI primary (“main”) display docked to a high-DPI external display.In this picture you can see: Note that these are just a few of the types of issues and that all the items that are too small in this picture could easily be too large if the display topology was reversed (high-DPI primary and low-DPI external display).This enabled you to ease in to the world of per-monitor scaling by focusing on the parts of the UI that matter the most while letting Windows handle bitmap stretching other top-level windows.In the Creators Update we added a new awareness context, (DPI_AWARENESS_CONTEXT_PER_MONITOR_AWARE_V2) which we refer to as per-monitor version 2 (PMv2).You can use the Set Dialog Control Dpi Change Behavior and/or the Set Dialog Dpi Change Behavior APIs in this case to tell Windows how you’d like it to handle DPI scaling of your controls or of the whole dialog.

Win32 dialogs (dialogs that are created from a dialog template via the Create Dialog* functions) did not DPI scale previous to the Creators Update.When your dialog is DPI scaled by the system a new font is sent to all HWNDs in the dialog.You might, for example, want to opt out of having Windows send a DPI-scaled font to a specific HWND.In the Windows 10 Anniversary Update we chipped away at this problem by introducing mixed-mode DPI scaling and other high-DPI-related APIs.These APIs made it less expensive for developers to update desktop applications to handle dynamic DPI situations (situations where desktop applications are expected to detect and respond to DPI changes at runtime).

Updating pointers visual studio