Updating records in a dataset vb net

If the service were to allow to call back to its client it could result with a deadlock if the client will call to the service as a result of the callback to the client.To allow callbacks, you need to configure the service for reentrancy – that is, release the lock before the callback, as show in the demo.The solution demonstrates IDesign Callback Thread Affinity Behavior - a custom endpoint behavior attribute that makes all callback instances (regardless of the worker threads used for the callbacks) execute on the same thread. NET 2.0 synchronization context that always marshals the calls to the same thread.This is instrumental is advanced cases such as thread local storage and COM interop as well as advanced synchronization needs.The classes' attendees find the demos useful not only in class but after it. The downloads are the result of 13 years of applying .The demos serve as a starting point for new projects, and as a rich reference and samples source. NET and educating the industry about it, covering C#, essential . NET application frameworks, system issues and Enterprise Services.

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This check is always executed if there is no separate check function for the parameter. System-Wide Parameter: If the parameter has this property, the value of the parameter is fetched on each server during the check and the system checks whether the values are the same. Dynamic Parameter: If the parameter has this property, the value of the parameter can be changed dynamically, that is, during running operation.

The properties of the profile parameter act as the basis for checking the default profiles and instance profiles in the system (transaction RZ10).

Parameter Type: Assignment of a profile parameter to a type. Example: rdisp/bufrefmode Restrictions: The parameter type can be restricted further: Parameter Description: Short description of the parameter.

In addition to the metadata, rz11 also displays information as to the source of the current parameter value.

If the value has been changed manually, the source is displayed as “dynamic switch”, together with a link for calling the change history.

Updating records in a dataset vb net