Updating security certificate unix checkpoint accommodating ell students

Now by elevation, an unprivileged account can assume the identity of a privileged account on the UNIX or Linux computer.

The elevation process is performed by the UNIX su (superuser) and sudo programs that use the credentials that the management server supplies.

The previous v1 certificates were using keys of 1024bit size along with SHA-1 digest which don't suffice to adhere modern security standards any more. The size of keys in certificates is one of several factors contributing to the overall security of an encrypted communications channel.

There are two Run As account types: These Run As account types can be configured for different levels of access according to the credentials that you supply. For more information on community content, please refer to our Terms of Use. New Server Certificates have been issued and installed in the proper Linux Server directory and user/group ownership assigned to wasadmin. User has authorization and user account to access Linux Server via Putty session 3. If you find inappropriate content, please use Report Abuse to let us know.Because there are no predefined Run As accounts for UNIX and Linux monitoring, you must create them.To create a Run As account, you must run the UNIX/Linux Run As Account Wizard that is available when you select UNIX/Linux Accounts in the Administration workspace.