Updating shared library

However, from Illustrator CC 2015 onwards, with the linked assets feature, an asset dragged from a library to a document is a 'linked asset'. Each modification made to the asset in the Library affects all its linked copies used in Illustrator document(s).To bring graphics from library as an unlinked asset, press You can share your libraries with other users for them to view, edit, use, rename, move, or delete the contents of the shared library.try to set the interface numbers so that they correspond to the release number of your package.

As tutorials are completed, they will be added to the roadmap.With Adobe Illustrator, assets can be one of these types: Colors, Color Themes, Brushes, Character Styles, Graphics, and Text.Creative Cloud Libraries help you organize, browse, and access creative assets.You can add text objects from your document to Creative Cloud libraries and then share them with other users and across applications.Text assets in a library retain the character/paragraph styles and other attributes originally applied to them.