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If your cluster nodes use OS X, see the section, SSH: Setting up Remote Desktop and Enabling Self-Login on the Hadoop wiki.HBase uses the local hostname to self-report its IP address.

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This reference guide is marked up using Ascii Doc from which the finished guide is generated as part of the 'site' build target.If you think this designation should be reconsidered for a given feature or use pattern, file a JIRA or start a discussion on one of the mailing lists.In the context of Apache HBase, /not tested/ means that a feature or use pattern may or may not work in a given way, and may or may not corrupt your data or cause operational issues. If you can provide proof that a feature designated as /not tested/ does work in a given way, please submit the tests and/or the metrics so that other users can gain certainty about such features or use patterns., or another secure mechanism for copying the configuration files to your nodes.For most configurations, a restart is needed for servers to pick up changes.

Updating the rules for pipe sizing