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So I guess they are just skipping the RC28 and going straight to RC29… Follow the thread on Android Forums as the story develops.

This “how to” type article is intended for those of you that just can’t wait for your Android powered G1 device to update itself automatically. When the update has finished and you must reboot the G1, press “Home” and “Back” at the same time.

The simple truth of the matter is that the Android RC29 update has yet to reach some G1 owners, and the more technically inclined of us just can’t wait any more. If the device is connected to your computer, disconnect it first (chances are it will be if you have accessed the micro SD through the G1’s data cable). Press “Power” and “Home” simultaneously to turn the G1 phone back on. Once the Android will reboot (don’t do anything to interfere with the reboot) you will be able to enjoy the RC29 update.

Luckily enough, there is a method that you can employ so as to push things along. Boot up your computer, get your G1 phone and the micro SD card that came bundled with the phone. Press “Alt” and “L” yet again simultaneously when you notice the “Triangle” icon. Note that if you have issues with mounting the micro SD card (the one that came with the G1), then you should try using another card.

Now, you can try out an SDK build of Android 2.3 Gingerbread on your G1, courtesy of XDA-Developers members. Released by XDA-Developers forum member bypass23, this is an SDK based build and therefore, has a LOT of features missing like most other SDK Gingerbread ports that we’ve featured earlier.

At present, only data and radio are working, apart from the Gingerbread UI. This ROM is not suitable for daily use and you should flash it only if you want to further develop it or if you just want to try out the new Gingerbread UI enhancements on your Dream / G1.

All T-Mobile G1 users are impatiently waiting for the Android 1.6 Donut update being available for their devices.

Not sure when it will be available, G1 users can manually upgrade to Android 1.6 firmware.

The app is no longer featured on and it’s no longer listed on Google Play.

If you get things right, you will have an updated Android; if you get them wrong, you may very well render your G1 useless. Android started out as an underdog, as the mobile operating system that nobody took seriously.

The chances of turning your expensive G1 into a worthless piece of junk are minor, but just because it is a one in a million shot, it does not mean the risk isn’t real. Big-name tech companies laughed it off and critics said it would fail miserably, but Android proved them all wrong and become the powerhouse that it is today.

Please remember that this is probably a European version of Android (don’t know for sure), so please be careful @ US guys.

Here is the tutorial: Download the file and rename it to