Updating to window media 10 player

Poster-wall : Fixed the problem of stacking different video errors together 31. Settings : Added Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italy and other languages 35.

Poster-wall : Fixed the problems poster sorting problem 32. Settings : Optimized 2160P will be changed to UHD in the resolution menu 36.

Poster-wall : Improved poster wall load speed and improve the recognition rate 28.Player: Fix 4K UHD original disk built-in ATMOS track source code Play Caton's problem 07.Player: Fix Blu-ray zone code setting invalid problem 08.Settings : Optimized resolution selection list from low to high order 37.Settings : Fixed the problem that Wi-Fi could not connect hidded not spots 38. System : Add no U flash disk press RST key to restore the system 40.