User control validating event

If you do not want either of these solutions, you can do this in ASP. Its described in this article: along with many other common validation questions. One thing I didn't see or can't find on the net is how to access (get and set) validation in a user control. //User control with validation and textboxes public bool rf Number Thanks for the article. NET 1.1 solution with server side validation, your task is to create a Click event associated with the Submit button inside your user control.

If you have the validation on the current form, you would just have to set the validation to Required Field Validator1. How would you set up a get/set accessor for validation within a user control? Since that Click event is only interested in validating the controls in the User Controls, all you have to do is call Validate() on each validator located inside that User Control.

Finally, the binding is set to the Text Box control which is added to the Dock Panel control.Microsoft WPF team did not put much effort in creating a reliable validation system.In this article we are going to implement a user control which will validate a Text Box based on custom rules.The create controls method is used to initialize the Text Box control.The validation rules is an observable collection of a validation rule type.