Uspc dating codes

If a search is to be expeditious, accurate, and complete, the Manual of Classification should be used only as a key to the class or subclass definition and appended notes.The Manual of Classification has the following parts: Basic Manuals reflect current classifications as of December of even-numbered years.This seal is characterized by it's stamp-like edges, and more square shape.USPC-STM (1965-1976)According to my research, the USPC moved from the stamp-style seal to the modern sticker-style seal in about 1976.Early seals were stamp-like in nature, which then transitioned to the sticker-like variety we still see today.Many companies have changed the design of their seals over time.Arrco has existed since the early 1920's (though until 1935 it was named, 'Arrow Playing Card Co.'), and is probably the second most popular manufacturing company in terms of quality and use.

The USPC likely switched to this style due to it's better adhesive and easier manufacture.After the tax on playing cards was lifted, the USPC began using the square, stamp-like seal which is pictured below.This same logo design is still in use today, and has existed for nearly a half century.The subclass number may be an integral number or may contain a decimal portion and/or alpha characters.A complete identification of a subclass requires both the class and subclass number and any alpha or decimal designations; e.g., 417/161.1A identifies Class 417, Subclass 161.1A.