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Soldiers will need to complete their schooling before they are allowed their new stripes. "The Movie 2" features near-award winning performances by Soldier-actors from the Active army, Guard and Reserve components, and from neighborhoods not so different from yours, who dramatize real-life scenarios designed to make you think and to get started planning for the future. It is sponsored by the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program for Reserve Components, but is open to all job seekers with a military affiliation.

Thereafter, annual Survivor Benefits Reports were printed and mailed to survivors.Special information is provided for severely injured Soldiers and their families in the Wounded Warrior section of the site and for surviving family members of fallen Soldiers in the Survivor Benefits section.If you have questions or comments please contact us.Reservists will also be interested to see recent My Army Benefits enhancements that focus specifically on ARNG/USAR issues, specifically: points based retirement projections with consideration of mandatory removal dates, time in grade limitations and reduced pay eligibility dates; and survivor benefits planning regardless of duty status at time of death: active duty, inactive duty for training, with or without a 20 year letter or just out mowing the lawn. Additionally, VEC gives military-friendly companies access to service members and allows them to post job openings, search for candidates and invite them to apply, and participate in hiring events – all free to them as well. Now get your retirement news at the click of a mouse and receive additional retirement related bonus information by signing up for the online version of the Army's Bulletin for Retired Soldiers and Families -- Army Echoes at Click here to view the Feb 2017 - May 2017 Army e-Echoes.Soldiers and their Family Members are now authorized a local move through the Army when foreclosure action is taken against the owner/landlord of rental property in which they are residing.