Validating schema jaxb

More importantly, the mechanism is extensible, which means JAXB providers can expose advanced features.Although you can customize the behavior of marshalling to some degree by using this mechanism, there's a good chance it doesn't fill your needs completely.This method takes a list of package names as a parameter.Each schema is compiled into a single package, which means that you can assemble them at run-time by providing multiple package names.

Similarly, the JAXB specification can extend the supported subset of W3C XML Schema in the future or even support other schema languages.Add a dependency to your project with the following co-ordinates: Wraps the job of marshalling Java objects back into XML files, adding methods for enabling CDATA sections, mapping namespaces to custom prefixes, and validating against a schema or schemas during marshalling.Example usage: method, causes JAXB to write CDATA sections instead of the usual XML-escaped strings that it produces.This generated object model captures the structure of XML better than general-purpose APIs like DOM or SAX, making it a lot easier to manipulate XML content.The second part is an API, through which applications communicate with generated code.