Vb net datagrid row validating

Please, could you elaborate a bit more and describe in detail what you want to achieve. I have a grid with values in it; quantity, price, discount (%), unit price.

If the user wished to place a discount on each row, they enter it once, and then in a For Each loop, I place the value in the cell; however the calculation does not take place.

But my problem is I don't want this row Validating Event to happen when I click another datagridview (or other control), I Just want this event to "Fire" on a selected control.

I guess for now the problem is that this event fires when the datagridview looses its focus.

I am currently developing a Schedule Management System as our thesis project.

I have a problem with regards to validating event of datagridview.

If you do this, it will take care of the validation warnings for you. Index refers to the index of the current column which is being validated. You can sometimes get away with less code and overhead when you create your own code as opposed to what the GUI creates for you as well.

If the value must be numeric, is it possible for you to set the Data Type of the column of your data source to a numeric data type? Until you're familiar with all of the intricacies of ADO. Net book and practice creating your connections, datasets, dataadapters, commands, etc. It makes a lot more sense when you can see and create what's going on behind the scenes.

This method will not fire when setting the cell value with code. Greetings, Jack the Telerik team Thank you for the reply.

I think this could be causing the problem with my other post today where I am not displaying the combobox. Let me ask you this: is your numeric column defined as numeric in your database, and is your date/time column defined as datetime? Net is kind of set up so that you don't need to worry about this stuff if your physical database design matches your logical design.

I think that could be the problem and that I'm not telling it the correct column.

Ok, to make sure I understand, when I update a field through code, the calculations will not take place due to the Cell Validating event not firing.

If that is the case, is there a way to fire that event or do I have to manually calculate the values and manually update each field? Invalidate Row() method in the Cell End Edit event of the the grid to perform the calculations.

Vb net datagrid row validating