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Issued to Non-immigrants who wish to stay in the country to attend professional technical courses, undergraduate or graduate courses at any University or College, or to take part in a practice related to their major field of studies.

- The applicant must submit an application issued by the institution that supports him; this application must inform on the funds available to the student in Venezuela.

- Pay the applicable consular fees by means of a Money Order made to the name of the EMBASSY OF VENEZUELA (Tourist and Transit Visas U. Also for the purpose of making contact with enterprises established in the country or with persons who work for enterprises in the public or private sector.

- The applicant must show the following documents - A reference letter issued by a banking institution that certifies the applicant's good standing and the date he opened his account. citizens need a copy of the green card, or copy of the US visa.

- For the purposes of this type of visa the family members must travel with the Venezuelan citizen when coming into the country.

- Show the inscription of the Marriage Certificate duly certified before the Venezuelan Consular Office of the jurisdiction where the marriage was celebrated.

This type of visa is granted for one (1) year, multiple entries, and allows the bearer to stay in the country for an unlimited period of time.

Once in the country the applicant may apply for a visitor extension.