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But they’ve taught themselves to read and have impressive maths skills.

“Not just arithmetic, but a knowledge of compound interest, how to build a business, accumulate assets – all from their games,” Kim says. Quiet adult-only evenings disappeared as Corey decided to stay up late.

Kai subsisted purely on tortillas and Nutella for two months before finally getting bored. “I’d always said it was bad for you, so he craved it. I had to take deep breaths, trusting him and trusting myself.

But it nearly killed me.” The term “unschooling” was coined in the 1970s by American educator John Holt.

“My eldest will chat about gaming, physics, gravity or particles with other parents,” she says.

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It’s becoming more mainstream.” Like many parenting issues, home education has long been controversial.

It absolutely isn’t like that.” Another perception is that it’s lazy parenting.

“A traditional, authoritarian paradigm is much more hands off,” says Martin.

Her RU blog may have seen hits double in a year, but she will only speak anonymously.

“I wouldn’t want to wave a flag that says, ‘Come and find me,’” she says.