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He and Senator Mark Warner have worked with a number of Republicans, including Senators Deb Fischer and Mike Enzi, to push Congress to adopt two-year budgeting to give businesses and communities more certainty.

He also works across the aisle with Senator Susan Collins on the Aging Committee to help protect senior citizens from fraud and abuse.

In the foreign policy arena, Tim has worked with Senator John Mc Cain to rewrite the 1973 War Powers Resolution and partnered with Senator Jeff Flake to draft a compromise proposal for authorizing the war against ISIL.

He also worked with Senator Bob Corker to co-author the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, which set up a constructive process for Congressional review of the final nuclear agreement with Iran.

Since June of 2014, Tim has been the leading voice calling on Congress to uphold its constitutional duty and vote to authorize the war against ISIL.

Despite serving during the worst recession in 70 years, Tim led the state to national recognition.Tim loves reading, being outdoors and playing harmonica with bluegrass bands throughout Virginia.Tim was elected to the Senate as a bipartisan bridge builder, and he’s stayed true to that promise by working closely with Republicans on a number of fronts.On military and defense issues, Tim joined with former Senator Saxby Chambliss to introduce his first bill – the Troop Talent Act – to help reduce unemployment among veterans following their transition from active duty to civilian life.Tim has worked with Senator Shelley Moore Capito to combat the opioid abuse epidemic that’s impacting Virginia and West Virginia by introducing legislation to help prevent overdose deaths.