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Sporich, 75, of Sedona, Arizona, sexually abused at least one Cambodian boy, authorities said.

Witnesses claim Sporich drove his motor bike through the streets of Siem Riep, dropping Cambodian currency to attract children.

Lowell City Councilor Vesna Nuon said on Friday by phone that the local city government had urged the head monk of Trairatanaran pagoda to drop the monk and the woman, Maya Men, from the new pagoda committee.

However, the head monk has refused to cut contact with Ms. Nuon said that further in­vestigations were also necessary to determine if there is any substance to the rumors of financial wrongdoing regarding the new multimillion dollar pagoda project.

Men has secluded herself in Trairatanaran pagoda since the scandal broke. Men for comment were unsuccessful.“We don’t know where he is, but his [religious] U. Sam An, program director for Santi Sena and acting director while Nhem Kim Teng is in the U.

S., said he did not believe the allegations of an inappropriate relationship with Ms.

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Three men expelled from Cambodia are facing charges in the U. as part of a crackdown on Americans who travel overseas to have sex with children, authorities said Monday.

Men, whom he had met in Lowell while visiting Nhem Kim Teng.“They are just people who worked together to get successful results,” he said. Nuon’s suggestion of Machiavellian forces at work in Lowell’s Cambodian community, Mr.

An insisted that whoever had posted the video on You Tube had intended to divide the local community.“There are rumors now that Venerable Kim Teng is a CPP spy, but I emphasize that whoever is responsible is trying to ruin his reputation for political benefit to break the Cambodian community abroad,” he said.

Hundreds of people have pro­tested over the past two weeks in Lowell, demanding that the wo­m­an and the monk—both of whom are on a committee managing construction of a controversial new temple in the area—be dismissed from their duties.

The protesters also called for the monk, the Venerable Nhem Kim Teng, to be defrocked in accordance with Buddhist law.