Vitually dating with adrianne

And I think we — and not just gay people — have become a lot more open to what can happen in a relationship. And, because I'm a writer, writing is never casual.

So, over time, we fell in love with each other's way of expressing ourselves through language, obviously. As a writer, when I see a book on the best-seller list, I immediately lose interest.

The game is similar to a "choose your own adventure game" that will have a different outcome depending on your choices along the way.

Some of the things you can choose to do with Ariane are: introduce book compliment dress kiss on cheek answer over 18 rub hair click stereo jazz kiss lips kiss neck change to soft rock kiss lips kiss neck exit and go to kitchen drink wine x2 get steaks for BBQ click on seat (look at sky) get the question right!

Buzz Feed: You describe 1990, your first poetry collection, as being about "trying with all this dying around" because the book is grounded in the AIDS epidemic.

And you've said Then, We Were Still Living, your second collection, is about "trying to survive the world at large," as those poems were written in the wake of 9/11 as well as the death of your twin brother.

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BF: From a very idealistic standpoint, from what you're saying, it sounds like the way queer people are meeting and dating online is turning us into a culture of writers. You have to work a lot harder when you're building a relationship and all you have is language. But honestly, I don't believe in marriage as an institution. Everyone should have the right to get married — I'm not against that — it just doesn't mean anything to me personally. For me, there's more power being on the margin.

For so long, queer sex has been linked to physical location: notorious cruising grounds, bathhouses, clubs, etc.

And as we talk about that evolution you mentioned, the physical location is becoming a virtual location.

We have hookup sites and apps like Grindr and Scruff.

MK: Well, I'm not on Grindr or anything like that myself, but I know about it because I'm gay and therefore I know about everything.